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The heat map can be used to navigate the results. Entries are automatically classified into predefined categories of interest:

Short nameCategory description
CACancer related
CVDCardiovascular disease related
DMDiabetes related
APOApoptosis related
ANGAngiogenesis related
MIMolecular imaging related
BDBinding data available

A machine learning algorithm that runs in the background classifies PepBank entries using the words in the associated text (e.g., PubMed abstracts). The output of the algorithm is a prediction value between 0 and 1 for each entry to belong to each category, and is displayed as a heat map.

The color key for the heat map is displayed on the bottom of the Search Results page: green = 1 (e.g., classified as cancer related), red = 0 (e.g., not cancer related), yellow = 0.5, grey = no data. The actual numeric values for each cell are displayed on mouseover. The classification algorithm is trained on the manually curated data sets created by PepBank team. Additional training data are provided by the users when they vote in the Details page.

By default, entries are sorted by the confidence score. Clicking on any column sorts all entries within the search results (not just within the current page). Clicking on the same column again sorts in reverse. Clicking on a second column sorts by that second column, and if values there are equal, then by the previously sorted column. For example, to sort on Angiogenesis, then (for equal values of Angiogenesis) on Cancer, do this: first click on Ca, then on Ag.

To select a subset of the results, drag the slider bars on the right menu to select the desired threshold. For example, dragging the "Cancer" slider bar to 0.5, and "Angiogenesis" to 0.9 will result in only the entries with these prediction values or better to be displayed (related to Cancer and very related to Angiogenesis). If the user sorts after dragging the slider bars, sorting is done within the restricted set only.

The rows shaded in grey have identical sequence and interactor as the row immediately on top of them, but are otherwise valid entries.

By default, up to 20 results are displayed per page. To change this (up to a maximum of 100), you can sign up. Your email address will be kept private, and we will not spam you.

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